shoppe black Black owned businesses that sell black dolls

The creator of the Fresh Dolls and Positively Perfect dolls, Dr. Lisa, never dreamed in a million years that she would become a Black Doll Maker. It wasn't until she saw the updated doll study of Black children still viewing their skin as ugly, that prompted her on this journey. She set out on a mission to change this mindset of viewing themselves as ugly or not good enough, which later leads to low self-esteem and low self-worth. This is something that shouldn't be so prominent in today's day and age. 

We can't continue to allow our children to see their skin as ugly. Thankfully, there is something that we can all do as parents and family members to help to change this stigma around. It starts with having proper representations of our beauty presented through dolls at play time. This includes our children seeing their dolls with full lips and thighs, hair textures and skin tones. These true representations of our beauty can begin to help change how we as a community view ourselves based on our skin tone and features, diminishing lack of value and other disorders such as bulimia and anorexia that stem from lack of true representation.

This is why Black Dolls Matter! It matters for our children and all other children of diverse cultures to see their beauty and their friends reflected during play time. As Black parents, it is our job to ensure our children start early with seeing their beauty through the Black baby dolls and Black fashion Dolls that are purchased.

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