Naturally Curly 10 companies that make black dolls


We just want to thank Naturally Curly for featuring our Black Baby Dolls from our Positively Perfect line. It's not an easy job to create true representation and more choices for Black children to view in the toy aisles. As a Black-owned business, we have made it our mission at the Fresh Dolls to focus on the true goal - for all beautiful Black Girls of every shade to see their beauty reflected back to them through our dolls. This ranges from Black baby dolls to Black fashion dolls.

After viewing the latest doll study, it blew the mind of Dr. Lisa, a Black Doll Maker, that our children still felt their skin was ugly in this day and age. We can't continue to allow our children to view their skin as ugly, when in actually, they are BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFULLY made! 

One way we can change this harmful psychological view is through proper representation. This is why Black Dolls Matter! It matters for our children and all other children of diverse cultures to see their beauty and their friends reflected during play time. As Black parents, it is our job to ensure our children start early with seeing their beauty through the Black baby dolls and Black fashion Dolls that are purchased.

What are you doing to help become the change of how your children view themselves in this world?


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