AEbony is an aspiring marine biologist and an advocate for sustainability. She cares deeply about the environment, and makes every effort to save the earth and diminish the carbon footprint. You know what’s one relatively harmless way to have fun? Camping ! Ebony loves camping! She ventures out to explore the great outdoors any chance she gets. There is no better way to connect with nature than spending at least 24 hours in a forest or by a lake. When you sleep in a tent, you can let go of your attachments and realize that you actually need very few things to be happy. Though Ebony loves her shower, hair dryer, and skin care routine, she can’t go a month without a little camping trip. Here are some of Ebony’s fulllproof tips for a happy camper!

That’s an obvious one, but it is Ebony’s favorite! Those who live in big cities will agree that starry nights have become very rare. Unfortunately, that’s one of the effects of pollution. That makes stargazing outdoors all the more special. When it’s time to settle down for the night, step outside of your tent for a minute and look up. You might not be able to fall asleep for a while, but it’s worth it!

Can you imagine spending a night in nature and not exploring the area? Not on Ebony’s watch! Going on a hike sounds like a physically demanding and draining activity, which deters many people from trying it. It doesn’t have to be! Do you want to know a little secret? Hiking is walking. All you have to do is move your feet and admire the scenery. Don’t miss any opportunity to explore the places around you. Spending time in nature is an excellent way to recharge and get ready for a busy week in the city.

Tell ghost stories.
Who doesn’t love a little adrenaline, right? If you’ve ever gone camping, you probably know what it’s like to sit by the campfire, roast marshmallows, play the guitar, and listen to scary stories. There is a certain spirit of fun that brings you and your friends even closer together. Campfires create more pollution and have a negative impact on the environment, so Ebony doesn’t recommend starting one. Besides, many camping sites and national parks ban campfires altogether to decrease the level of pollution in the area. That shouldn’t be a problem, as ghost stories are even scarier in the dark!

Berry picking.
This requires some level of knowledge, as not everything that looks good is edible! If you can identify the “good” berries, you can survive in the wilderness. Go out on a daytime adventure and try to find as many berries as you can. You might come across gooseberries, blueberries, huckleberries, elderberries, blackberries, and more! Make sure to correctly identify each berry bush, as some of the poisonous species may look identical to the edible ones. While you’re at it, you may look for nuts and other edible plants. Who knows, you might pick a whole (berry) salad!

Birdwatching and animal watching.
While birdwatching might sound boring to some, you can’t say the same about animal watching! The only piece of equipment you need is a pair of binoculars. North America offers an abundance of places for bird watching. You will find wonderful birds in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, California, and New York. Though animals are more exciting, you also have to be more careful with them. You might come across dangerous animals like coyotes, bears, or wolves. Some of the more innocent species include otters, racoons, and chipmunks.