5 Things to Do With Your
Best Friend for
National Best Friend Day!

Most people can probably agree that friendships make everyday life more fun and difficulties more bearable. Fostering good friendships is one of the skills we need to teach our kids. Ironically, children often understand the importance of friendship better than adults.

In honor of National Best Friend Day on June 8th, Skylar and Marisol have come up with 5 fun things to do with your best friend. These ideas are suitable for both children and adults. If you feel silly and childish trying some of these, remind yourself that children know best!

If you missed Best Friend Day this year, you don’t need to wait until the next one to treat your best friend to a delicious dinner, shopping spree, or walk in the park. Take advantage of every moment you get to spend together!

1. Have a movie night. Who doesn’t love watching TV! Skylar and Marisol had a movie marathon that turned into a beautiful bonding experience. The girls advise you to be careful when choosing what to watch. A Harry Potter movie marathon might be too ambitious for some, as it lasts a while (20 hours to be exact)! 

First, pick your favorite movie, cartoon, or TV series. Second, but no least important, you have to acquire some delicious snacks. Combine your movie night with a bake off and you’ve got yourselves some tasty dessert. If you’re looking for something that requires a bit less effort, order food from your favorite restaurant or buy snacks at a grocery store. 

2. Get mani-pedis.  
Have a self-care day with your best friend and go out to get your nails done! Waiting for your nail polish to dry before you can use your hands again is literally watching paint dry. If you have your best friend by your side, the time will pass by much quicker. You can chat while you’re getting your nails done, choose nail polish colors and designs for each other, and have a coffee to wrap up your friend date.The best part is, you don’t actually have to go anywhere to make this happen. If you have a little bit of skill, you can paint each other’s nails! Skylar and Marisol combined this activity with a movie night and threw some face masks into the mix. You can have a full blown spa day in the comfort of your home, just like the girls. All you need is a little bit of creativity, supplies, and your best friend, of course.

3. Paint together.
Ironically, what we loved as kids, we tend to stray from in adulthood. Children have a lot to teach us about the importance of creative self-expression. Believe it or not, activities that don’t always feel productive or lead to tangible outcomes can still be very rewarding! Not everyone can sing or play an instrument, let alone compose music. Dance often feels very vulnerable. Other art forms require special tools and equipment. Painting and drawing, however, are some of the most abstract art forms! You can use the supplies you have at home and you don’t need to follow any instructions.Invite your best friend over for a juice box or glass of wine (if your age permits) and an evening of painting! Work on your own pieces or create one together. There is no better way to connect with a person than creating art in the same space.

4. Bake cupcakes Or cookies, or a cake, or even pancakes!
Marisol loves expressing herself through her cooking, so this is her specialty! Bake some delicious treats for yourselves and only yourselves. You don’t have to share with anyone but each other if you don’t want to; today is all about your friendship. Use your creative genius to come up with the perfect combination of flavors. Even if you’re using cupcake mix from the store, you can go all out on the decorating!

5. Have a photoshoot.
This may seem like a silly idea, especially if you’re over the age of 15. But let’s be real: you never have enough material for Instagram! Besides, a photoshoot is an amazing opportunity to dress up, do your makeup, and discover beautiful backgrounds in your area. You can implement this idea at home on a rainy day, or anywhere else, really! Drive or walk around your city and uncover hidden gems.Skylar knows how to handle most gadgets and feels confident behind the camera. This time, she’s encouraging you to try yourself in the role of a photographer (and makeup artist, photoshoot director, and model!). You can do all of that, with your best friend by your side! Even Skylar agrees that there is no professional equipment needed. All you need is your creativity.