Why Representation Matters in the Fresh Universe.

The Importance of Representation for Children. In the Fresh universe, we aim to affect change for generations to come. Of course, we have to start with our children. Our way of affecting change is through play, which is a great tactic for speaking to young kids and shaping their views. Through their looks, our dolls promote inclusivity and highlight the importance of representation in the world. "In order to plant a seed of acceptance, cultivation will need to begin at a young age.” The lessons that we teach our children while they’re young will shape their perception of the world as they move forward in life. We must share the beauty of diversity with them and encourage them to grow up to be loving individuals.Toys and books that represent people of different cultures and backgrounds have been incredibly helpful in teaching children about their own and others’ cultures. We can ensure that our children play with dolls that look like them, and see their own faces in books and toys. As parents, helping our children recognize their own beauty is in our hands. Seeing your face and body on store displays, in television shows, and in books is incredibly empowering. Though learning about your own culture is important, it also entails learning about others. “The Fresh Dolls are designed to provide a true representation of the faces our children see every day, and the beautiful people they are and will become.” With the help of our dolls, our children can learn to accept and love those around them, and grow up to be more open-minded and inclusive than the generation that came before them.

Representation in the Workplace

In the Fresh universe, we are lucky enough to affect change in more ways than one. Not only do we get the chance to speak directly to the young generation, we can also provide work opportunities to people from different backgrounds. In an industry where people of color have very little positive representation, we are happy to create a shift and inspire other individuals in the field to do the same.

Representation, On-Screen and Off

People of color rarely see themselves portrayed in a good light in mainstream media and society. When we do, it is all the more powerful. “The opportunity to see a positive reflection of yourself every day, whether on-screen or off, resonated within.” In the Fresh universe, we truly believe that even a toy, which may seem silly at first, can affect the way people of color are perceived and treated. Exposing our audience to toys that resemble them, rather than the more “traditional” dolls that have been widely manufactured and sold for decades, is a powerful tool we can use to encourage self-love in people of all ages. “We have the opportunity to change a narrative that often highlights negative stereotypes or simply removes us from the story altogether.” With the use of children’s toys, we can affect change from within and promote acceptance among people from a very young age. 

Representation of the LGBTQ+ Community

Poor representation affects many minorities, including members of the LGBTQ+ community. In the Fresh universe, we care about representing and drawing positive attention to all minorities. This month especially, we’d like to point out just how important positive representation is. Members of the LGBTQ+ community often receive unfair treatment and lack representation in our industry. Much like people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community need to fight to see their faces on screens, store shelves, and in books. We have made it our mission to make this process a little bit easier and contribute as much as we can to supporting minorities through raising awareness. If you’re having a tough time coming to terms with who you are due to societal pressure, be sure that we are on your side. “We are proud to support Pride.”