Tips making self-care a daily practice


Mia is a talented singer who dreams of making it big on international stages. Her goals and aspirations are almost as big as her hair! Mia’s beautiful brown locks can’t be tamed by anyone but herself. She treats every day at school as another moment on stage, using her striking beauty to her advantage. Naturally, she always has to look perfect. Mia loves being the center of attention!

Being an extravert, Mia recognizes the role other people’s praise plays in her life. However, the most important praise is the praise you give yourself.
Mia’s self-care tip is: Positive affirmations. With positive affirmations, you can speak things into existence. You don’t need tarot cards of a voodoo doll to bring some magic into your life.Visualize the best version of yourself and embody her! Talk about that version of yourself as if she already exists. In affirmations, it’s important to be as specific as possible. “I am a popular singer in my country and I go on tour with a new album every year”, says Mia. When you say it like that, you can’t help but believe it, right?


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Even though she is still so young, Lexi has always been a Veterinarian at heart. Her passion for helping animals has only grown with time. She adopted her first pet at a very young age and she doesn’t plan on stopping there! On weekends, Lexi spends her time at the zoo helping out with the animals. Lexi’s experience with helping animals showed her the true importance of caring for herself. She wants to dedicate her life to the health and wellbeing of animals, but she knows that you can’t help others if you haven’t helped yourself first.

Lexi’s self-care tip is: Nourish your body.

Your body is a vessel for your soul, and if it’s not well taken care of, it won’t function properly. On her days off, Lexi likes to go to the park and practice yoga. She wraps up her yoga practice with a short meditation that is healing for the body and the soul. On other days, she attends all kinds of workout classes, whatever she feels like that day. Exercise your body without straining it. Find a strengthening practice that works for you!


Marisol loves to cook, and she’s good at it too! Everyone at Fresh Prep appreciates her cooking. She says she gets it from her Abuela, though she definitely puts her own spin on every dish. Marisol admits that cooking is more than just putting ingredients together and satisfying your hunger. It’s a way of expressing yourself and appealing to the eyes as much as to the palate.

Most young chefs in her class only care about making the food look good outside of the house. At home, they don’t bother with the presentation of their dishes. Marisol is the exact opposite; she likes to treat herself just as much as her loved ones! Marisol’s self-care tip is: Do something nice for yourself. Marisol usually cooks herself her favorite meal, lights some candles, and watches a chick flick. For you, that can mean anything you want! Take yourself out to dinner and a movie, go on a shopping spree, or get a massage. Treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend on their special day. Only you are capable of giving yourself the best day ever.


Skylar loves all kinds of technology. She can help you fix your computer, install a new program, or beat you at any video game. She is always on the lookout for new gadgets. Skylar adopted the mad scientist persona and her blue hair plays right into that! She’s working towards becoming a big scientist and innovator who works on aircrafts. Behind Skylar’s tough exterior hides a shy girl who just likes to play with gadgets. Skylar knows that happiness is made of little things you love. Technology is the fuel for her soul. Do you know what fuels yours?

Skylar’s self-care tip is: Do what you love. Life is so fast-paced that it’s often easy to lose sight of what’s important. No matter how busy life gets, Skylar always finds at least one day a week to focus on her passions. Being a member of the Robotics Club at Fresh Prep makes it a little bit easier. Regardless, at least once a week she dedicates her day to her passion - technology. Even one hour is enough! Figure out what you passion is and don’t neglect it.