black male doll daniel from the Fresh squad doll community doll photography

We might be stepping on some toes, but out of our 3 Black male dolls, Daniel seems to be the doll community's favorite doll. Daniel could pass for a Hispanic or mixed race doll. He's known for being extremely photogenic. Now some people might beg to differ that Malik or Anthony might be their all time favorite Black male doll. But today, we are keeping our focus on Daniel.

black male doll the fresh squad dolls dolls with braids bald head dreadlocks locs braids

Here are the Top 5 images of Daniel that we found from other doll enthusiast. 


black male doll mixed doll the fresh squad boy dolls


doll photography with Black male doll Daniel the Fresh Squad


Ok. So in this one, Anthony and Daniel both looked great. It is hard to choose.

black male doll photography daniel the fresh squad


male doll photography black doll daniel the fresh squad



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