male doll animal print shirt
a male doll wearing hole jeans and animal print shirt.
fashion male doll animal print shirt.

HEAR ME ROAR Top & Distressed Pants Doll Fashion Pack


Brand: The Fresh Dolls

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*Doll sold separately.

This is a Fashion pack and does NOT include a doll with purchase.


This 2-piece fashion set is sure to make a statement.  The leopard print shirt releases your Fresh Squad’s animal magnetism.  The accompanying black jeans are ripped at the knee, so they can easily be seen when bending or posing. The outfit may look savage but... IT'S JUST FRESH!



The Fresh Dolls were created for all children to see their beauty, intelligence and friends reflected during playtime. Not only do we specialize in creating African American dolls, but we also design a diverse line of Multicultural and Mixed dolls that reflect the world we live in. We believe a healthy body image is important. One of the ways we achieved this was by creating dolls with realistic waistlines and hips, that promote self-love at a young age. But what sets us apart is our special attention to skin tones and facial features, that are true representation of different ethnicities and cultures around the world.

Thank you for seeing why this mission is so important and helping to transform how all children view their beauty and friends.

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